WAVE Students present to Mackenzie District Council

Nine members of the WAVE team travelled down to Fairlie on Tuesday for their oral submission to the Mackenzie District Council. The team had previously put in a written submission to the Council asking that all playgrounds in the district be made smokefree. The students decided a good way of backing up this submission was to get a petition out to the community for their support on this idea.

At the Council on Tuesday, the students did an outstanding job of presenting their oral submission giving good valid reasons why making our playgrounds smokefree is important. They were congratulated by the members of the council as well as representatives from the South Canterbury District Health Board who were also there.

The students can be very proud of themselves for the way that they got behind this idea, getting the petition out to the community and speaking exceptionally well in front of the Mayor and her councillors. After the team presentation, Kian then handed over to Mayor Claire, the signed petitions with 201 signatures. The WAVE team thanks the members of the community who got behind them with this project.  Mayor and KianWAVE students

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