BP Challenge

Twizel Area School students participated in the BP Challenge in Timaru, last Friday, 26 October. We all had a fantastic day; the students worked well together and had plenty of fun. The senior team competed first and won their first challenge with an impressive tower. The second challenge was to build a grabber to reach over a 2 metre gap. We had practised this in school but for some reason the students didn’t roll the newspaper tightly and we ended up with a floppy grabber – they did manage to grab one ball with an impressive stretching feat from Finn being held out over the gap. The third mystery challenge went well with the students designing a fishing rod and then selecting the fish from a “pool” all worth different points.

The Junior team were on in the afternoon; their preprepared challenge looked good in the classroom before we went but needed last minute adjustments. When the competition started the marble coming out of the tower would not stay on course but they managed the timing of the marble descending in the tower well – this gave them a  6th  place. They kept their chins up and gained a second and third place for the “grabber” and the “mystery challenge” which led to 1st place in the competition! The students won a $20 voucher each and the school won a binocular microscope. Well done to both teams and a big thank you to the organisers of the BP Challenge. (By Ms Arkless)

Junior Team – Taane, Gideon, Niamh and Holly
Senior Team – Alice, Finn, Mikhayla and Tom
Denise Arkless – Science Teacher

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