TAN Issue 1016 28th February 2013

Tan issue 1016 28th Feb 2013

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  1. Desmond Bedford Bentin says:

    We were very fortunate to make the trip up to Huxley Lodge for the M2 Camp Concert Night and subsequent Huxley Academy Awards. With only a few hours to learn their lines, these budding thespians amazed with their talent. A very entertaining evening. I thoroughly chastised myself for grabbing only a few bags of licorice and bite size chocolate bars which had to make do for the “awards”. They deserved at least a full sized chocolate bar each! Unless you believe that struggling thespians make better actors? Anyway, we all came away thoroughly entertained and very impressed. I must mention here that while following Christine’s truck along the Lake Ohau road on the way back to Twizel, I was absolutely certain that I saw a faint gleam of moonlight on metal on the lake which was very puzzling to say the least until I read about a runaway billy. Well done M2.

    Melissa and Des Bentin

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