Twizel Area School

Schools have existed in Twizel since 1970 when Twizel Primary School and Twizel High School opened to serve the educational needs of the children of the workers on the Upper Waitaki Power Project.

Once the project was completed, the numbers of people requiring schooling in the district dwindled, and the two schools were consolidated into one in 1986 when Twizel Area School was opened on the High School site.  Twizel Area School has a great view of Aoraki Mount Cook.


Twizel Primary School

What are Area Schools?
There are forty five Area Schools, located mainly in isolated, rural regions of New Zealand.

The aims of Area Schools are:

* That a unified education programme be planned from New Entrants  through to Year 14. That the staff be considered as one unit, with teachers able to work with any children within the age range, according to the needs of the school and the experience of the teacher.

* That the school be organised by such internal sub-divisions as may be required by their circumstances: provide the advantages of primary, intermediate and secondary schooling but not necessarily with separate departments or structures.

Area School Advantages
At Twizel Area School, we believe Area Schools do have special advantages, particularly in the flexibility of programmes and range of resources we are able to provide. Our smallness of size and mix of age groups encourages a sense of responsibility and “family”. We are able to implement change quickly and effectively. Small class sizes enable more personal teaching and students do not become lost in the system. All students can be recognised for their unique individuality.

The Prospectus gives a general introduction to the school. More detailed information is contained in our Information Booklet which is available to parents. Our Policies and Procedures are kept on file in the library.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I am also only too happy to show you around the school.

We have at Twizel a wonderful learning environment.

2 Responses to History

  1. Te Arahi Kapea says:

    was maori taught in the 1970s and 1980s at any of the Twizel schools, Im trying to compile a list of schools that taught Maori in those times.

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