Education Review Office

Our school has recently been reviewed by the
Education Review Office, (November 2015). woodworkBelow are excerpts from that review.

Parents of learners in Years 1 to 8 receive good information about their child’s learning in relation to the National Standards in reading, writing and mathematics, and across the curriculum.

The school’s achievement data compares favourably with that of similar schools nationally for students in most year levels. Students achieve very well in cultural and sporting activities.

The school has improved the way it manages and moderates NCEA assessments. There has been an increase in the number of school leavers achieving at least NCEA Level 2 over the past three years, and in merit and excellence endorsements.

The school’s curriculum is effective in promoting and supporting student learning.

The curriculum provides a variety of choice in learning pathways for students, particularly in the senior levels of the school. Teachers focus on catering for different ability levels and interests within classes and NCEA courses.

Students benefit from purposeful and meaningful learning experiences in authentic situations.

Education outside the classroom (EOTC) is a strong feature of the curriculum. Teachers make good use of the local physical environment and connections in the community to extend students’ learning experiences.

To read the whole review click here.

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