Reporting Procedure

Twizel Area School encourages open lines of communication between home and school by:

  • welcoming enquiries about school activities
  • encouraging parents in to view and take part in school activities
  • supporting an active Home and School group
  • encouraging attendance at Board of Trustees meetings
  • involving parents in the planning, development and running of activities.
  • providing written and oral reports on student progress
  • arranging a number of formal and informal parent/teacher meetings throughout the year
  • welcoming contact with the school, particularly when problems arise
  • keeping parents informed about individual student issues
  • having community facilities at school and taking school activities into the community.

Years 1 – 10 Reporting StructureThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_5684.jpg

Reporting for Years 1 – 10 occurs three times a year. The reporting starts with an Interim Report in Term 1 against the key competencies of the New Zealand curriculum. Three way conferencing takes place in Term 2, and student portfolios go home at this stage as well.

In the Portfolios are examples of students’ progress and achievement across all curriculum areas. Portfolios and student goal setting for reading, writing and maths provide the basis and outcomes of the three way conferencing with parents and students.

In Term 4 portfolios go home for the second time to parents and these are followed by a full report showing individual student achievement against the National Standards and the New Zealand Curriculum

Senior School Reporting Structure

Reporting for Years 11 – 13 occurs formally three times a year however sometimes an individualised report on a student will be undertaken if necessary.  Students have a mentor meeting twice a term where progress and strategies for meeting the next challenges discussed.

The reporting starts with an Interim Report in Term 1 at approximately six weeks. This indicates to the parents how their child is progressing in their chosen subjects. Three way conferencing takes place at the end of Term 1. Three way conferencing is between the student, parent and the appointed mentor. The mentor will discuss with the parent and student the comments made by the various subject teachers and goals and opportunities will be discussed and written.

In Term 2 another Three Way Conference takes place towards the end of the term. In Term 3, formal reports are again written by the subject teachers and made available to parents. From these reports, a further round of Three Way Conferencing takes place to finalise the students goals and review progress. It is also important at this stage to discuss in the conference the comments made by the teachers regarding upcoming external examinations.

At anytime during the year a summary of results to date can be printed from the student management system or verified results from the NZQA website if required.

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