Gateway and Careers

Senior student working with a local companyGateway is a program designed for school students from Year 11 – 13 to get work experience and gain industry unit standards while students attend school. Types of jobs: Automotive, Building, Construction, Chef, Dairy farming, Electrician, Engineering, and so on.

There are always a number of students out on placements.

Contact the Careers Office for more information or check out these websites:

Careers NZ

Senior student in local industry.Year 11-13
Gateway offers structured workplace learning opportunities to senior students under the age of 19 who are New Zealand citizens.  Students learn practical industry skills and gain industry knowledge through a formalized learning arrangement set in the actual workplace.  The Gateway Coordinator will work with students to find a suitable workplace and design a learning plan with an outline of the Unit and Achievement Standards to be completed.

Criteria:  A strong commitment.

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